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ADVADRI® V-Neck Undershirts

Undershirts that provide armpit sweat-proof protection.

ADVADRI armpit pads have patent-pending DriRx™ Technology to ensure that sweat will not pass thru the barrier onto outer apparel.

Keeps your outer apparel fresh & dry from odor and sweat. Saves time and money on dry-cleaning. Perfect for any economy.

Protection Levels:

Underarm protection with sweat resistant barrier
- Maximum underarm protection with sweat-proof barrier

crew neck undershirt, sweat shields V-Neck undershirt, sweat shields  

Men's Crew Neck Undershirt with ADVADRI armpit sweat pads.

Men's V-Neck Undershirt
with ADVADRI armpit sweat pads.


Calvin Klein Crew Neck Undershirt with ADVADRI armpit Dress Shields.

Calvin Klein V-Neck Undershirt with ADVADRI armpit Dress Shields.